SEND Local Offer

We are an inclusive nursery which welcomes all children and supports them to achieve their full potential. The Pop Up Nursery has had experience of supporting pupils with a range of differing needs including learning difficulties, speech and language and communication difficulties and autistic spectrum disorder. The staff are committed to providing for children’s additional needs through targeted learning in small groups, providing resources and gaining support from external agencies.

We recognise the value and importance of working in partnership with parent/carers. We encourage them to be fully involved with their child’s/children learning and we will use this information alongside observations to provide the appropriate support to move the child/children learning forward.  The parents/carers will initially liaise with their child’s key person, but can arrange meetings with the SENCO.

SENCO –Karima Zarat

Deputy SENCO- Martha Oceguera

Throughout all stages of support parent/carers are kept informed. Permission is sought for agreed targets, referral to outside agencies and permission to acquire SENIF funding or to apply for an EHCP plan which will provide additional support for your child.

Support in Place for Children with SEND in our nursery

Adjustment of the environment as required.

  • Use of visual strategies such as Visual Timetables and Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) and Makaton
  • Preparations for changes in routines.
  • Reducing complex language, especially when giving instructions to children.
  • Implementation of Therapy programmes e.g. Speech and Language, Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy.
  • Identifying and supporting a child’s preferred learning style.
  • Cognition & Learning Needs- Small step approaches.
  • Opportunities for repetition and reinforcement of developing skills.
  • Adapting materials and equipment .e.g. providing tactile equipment and sensory experiences
  • Physical difficulties support with self-help skills and safe movement around the nursery.
  • Support with behaviour

How will we support your child when leaving our nursery

We recognise that ‘moving on’ can be difficult for a child with SEND. We also recognise the anxieties for families and we take steps to ensure that any transition is as smooth as possible. When your child is moving to another school or setting

  • We will contact the new school and arrange a transition meeting.
  • A transition report will be completed and agreed by the parent/carer and sent to the next setting
  • We will make sure that all records about your child are passed on as soon as possible to the receiving school.

These are some of the outside agencies we work with.

  • Speech and Language
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Educational Psychologists
  • Children’s Services
  • Early Help
  • Autism and Early Years Intervention Team
  • Health Visitors
  • Community Paediatricians